Dissolving Kidney Stones Naturally

The pain and fear of having kidney stones is quite disturbing, as the kidneys are one of the major organs in the body. When a person finds himself suffering from the occurrence of stones in the kidneys, he is likely to experience depression, sleep problems, and other psychological or mental problems.

Kidney stones develop when some certain substances reach excessively high levels in the urine. Calcium oxalate is the most common of these, and the substance can be derived from several sources. Calcium-rich foods are not to be avoided, though, but stopping calcium supplements is a must. Uric acid is another substance that crystallizes when excessive levels are present in the urine. This can be found in purine-rich foods, since uric acid is a by-product of purine break down by the body. Struvites, xanthine, and cystine stones are other stones that can develop in the kidneys.

When the stones start to solidify, the person will not really experience any signs or symptoms. In fact, stones may be present in the kidney for several years, but the individual doesn’t experience or suffer from any symptoms associated with the disease. The only event that stones may cause a great, excruciating and intolerable pain is when a relatively big stone passes through the ureter. This causes the blockage of the urinary passages, creating an infection in the excretory system.

Although kidney stones are solid, they are still formed of soluble substances that the kidneys can naturally process in normal levels. This means that many changes in the lifestyle and ingestion of substances can be helpful in curing the disease. There are many ways in dissolving kidney stones naturally, and many of them are very easy to do. They are even included in our daily habits.

One of these is drinking water. While drinking 6-8 glasses a day is required for all humans, a person with kidney stones should maintain drinking three liters of water a day, or roughly 12-15 glasses. Water is a very effective solvent and it can help reduce the size of stones. When stones are small enough to pass smoothly through the ureter, they can pass in the urine and be completely removed from the kidneys. However, there are a lot of kidney stones and one passed stone may not be a real cause for celebration.

This means that water therapy is not the only way to dissolve kidney stones, and a person suffering from them should not depend on water alone. There are other ways to do it, and a lot of lifestyle changes should also be done.

Drinking lemonade or orange juice is also a good way of doing this. Citrate is a substance found in all citrus fruits, and the highest concentrations of this substance were found in oranges and lemons. Citrate is an effective inhibitor of kidney stone formation as it prevents the solidification of calcium oxalate and uric acids. Drinking a daily glass or two or lemonade and orange juice, whichever is preferred, is excellent in helping reduce and eventually dissolve the stones. Soft drinks are also known to be good stone dissolvers. This must be because of their acidic content. A daily drink of soft drinks could be helpful in easily dissolving stones in the kidneys.

These home remedies, along with lifestyle alterations, regular exercise, and healthy living are all good methods for naturally eliminating stones in the kidneys. If you really want to eliminate your stones but you don’t have the means to undergo surgeries or consult a doctor, the best way for you to do it is the natural way. And since it’s natural, there are no side effects brought about by these different methods. Nonetheless, it is still important to consult a medical professional to receive the appropriate treatment that you need.