Detox Plans and Cleanses to Avoid

Detox CleanseMany detox plans are actually very dangerous for your health and well-being. You should only ever do a detox if you feel like you’re bogged down and you shouldn’t ever stick to a detox meal plan for over two weeks. These plans are just designed to give your body a rest, not deprive it. Below I list four detox and cleanse plans that you should avoid at all costs to protect your health.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling may sound harmless enough, but actually, it’s kind of disgusting. Apparently, germs and toxins love nothing more than oil. When you swish oil around your mouth, it apparently drags up all the toxins and rubbish from your body, enabling you to spit it out.

The developers of this detox say that you should put one tablespoon of the oil of your choice into your mouth, first thing in the morning before you’ve drank anything, even water. You then swish the oil around your mouth and through your teeth, as though it was mouthwash. You should swish the mouthwash very slowly and gently and you shouldn’t get any mouth ache. You’re supposed to swish this oil around your mouth for twenty minutes, and then you spit it out, rinse your mouth out with water, and then the developers say that you then rinse again with a diluted hydrogen peroxide mixture.

This is supposed to whiten teeth, help with bleeding gums and fasten in any loose teeth. It’s also supposed to leave you far healthier with an improved metabolism. I don’t know about you, but swishing oil around my teeth for twenty minutes every morning when I could use a mouthwash for good teeth and have a ten minute jog to speed up my metabolism instead fills me with dread.

The Master Cleanse

This detox has been used by various celebrities. It involves you drinking a combination of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. You can have up to twelve glasses of this concoction a day, and nothing else. This cleanse should be done for at least a week, but it can be done for up to two weeks.

The very idea of this cleanse scares the living daylights out of me. There is a detox, whereby you eat healthily and get rid of all toxifying agents, and then there is starving yourself. You won’t get any of the vitamins and minerals you need from doing this, and you also will not be eating from the major food groups like you should be.

The Liver Cleanse

This detox is supposed to remove gallstones – simply by drinking straight olive oil and lemon juice. This is completely contrary to all popular literature that’s been written on the subject of removal of gallstones. The cleansing technique calls for you to eat tiny amounts of salad and to drink nothing but apple juice for three days, and you then do a cleanse which involves drinking salt water, then drinking olive oil with lemon juice in the evenings. You are then only allowed to eat small amounts of fruit and salad for the rest of the day. This will then apparently get rid of gallstones.

Ask your doctors for more information on gallstones if you have them, as this is really not the way to go about getting rid of them!

Coffee Enema

I think the awfulness of this cleanse is entirely encapsulated in the name of it. Enemas in themselves can be very useful if you’ve got problems with your lower intestines etc., but add coffee into the equation and it apparently draws out far more toxins by forcing the liver to make bile, which pushes the toxins out to the small intestines, where they will be removed by the enema. If you ever actually need an enema, go to a hospital to have it done – don’t do it at home with coffee!

I’d advise you to only detox if you’ve been told that it would be helpful for you by a medical professional, and follow the healthy detox tips in yesterday’s article, rather than starve yourself or put bizarre items into your body.