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The skin is the largest and most exposed organ of our body. It is where most of the dirt and pollution of everyday life accumulate. It is also the body organ which is always in contact with other objects and receives the first blow of anything that comes from outside the body. Because of this, people keep it a point to take care of their skin and protect it from the harmful external forces present in everyday life like sunlight, contact with dangerous objects, dirt, pollution, and the like.

However, one of the external forces that seem neglected when it comes to taking care of the skin is friction. Friction is produced when an object comes in contact with another object and creates a rubbing movement, causing both of its surfaces to rub one another. When the skin comes in contact with everyday objects, there is a tendency for it darken because of the friction. This is a common event for most of the joints on the body that are usually in contact with friction like the knees and elbows.

Having dark knuckles isn’t in any way harmful, but it is certainly unpleasant to see. The uneven color of the skin makes the dark spots on the knuckles the point of focus, making people wonder what that person was doing to have made his knuckles so disturbingly dark. A little darkening is common, especially because knuckles are full of joints that may come in contact with various objects, but when the darkening becomes extremely prominent, proper treatment should be applied.

Like any other part of the skin with uneven skin tone, dark knuckles may be remedies by skin whitening products. Bleaching creams are one of the easiest options; our Meladerm review goes into more detail. They can be bought in almost any cosmetic or drug store. Bleaching creams have various ingredients that vary from hydroquinone, kojic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, and many other substances that have been found to reduce the pigmentation of the skin. Be careful of using these products, though. Some whitening creams have harmful side-effects like hydroquinone, which has been found to have carcinogens that can accumulate in the body and become cancer.

Other whitening products are the alternative medicine like glutathione, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, and other naturally occurring substances. These substances are known to improve the condition of the skin by allowing it to regenerate and remove the dead cells on the top layer, creating a younger and fairer appearance of the skin. Some of these alternative products can be taken orally, while others are used topically. The good thing about these products is that they do not only work on the skin. They also improve the overall condition of the body, since these substances are known antioxidants that help eliminate the toxins in the body.

There are also home remedies that are good for skin whitening. Lemons are very effective bleaching products that can improve the skin tone. Gently rub the sliced lemon on your knuckles and let the juice stay for a while, then rinse it. Do this daily and you may see the results in as fast as a week. However, it would be good to maintain the procedure to make the skin healthier and less prone to darkening. Other home remedies include various oils and fruit or vegetable extracts, but the most popular is lemon juice and it is very effective.

It may not be something you notice much but friction in your daily life can also affect your body. Darkening of the knuckles may not be a dangerous thing, but many people are not happy with having them. Following the tips mentioned and changing to a healthy lifestyle can help treat not only dark knuckles, but almost all skin darkening problems.