Crazy Fad Diets that You Should Avoid

dietMany of us will want to drop a few pounds this summer, but a fair few of us will go for silly fad diets that are not healthy and that could harm our health. You need to remember that if you’re losing weight, anything over 3 pounds a week if you’re under 15 stone is really too fast. You should be looking at losing up to 5 pounds in the first week of your diet and 1 to 2 pounds every week thereafter. Below are some diets that you should avoid – for a healthy diet, take a look at our healthy eating articles.

The Jesus Diet

This diet proclaims various bible teachings that can then be used for losing weight. On this diet, you can eat only two meals per day. These meals can only be made up of raw food –  no meat, grains, starches or dairy are allowed. It basically compromises of raw fruit and vegetables. You’re also supposed to fast for one day a week, and every meal that you eat should not be over two pounds in weight.

This is obviously not a good diet as you’re excluding a huge amount of food. You will lose weight on this, but the second you start eating properly again, you’ll put weight back on.

The Tapeworm Diet

This diet sounds as awful as you’d expect. It involves taking tablets that contain tapeworm. You then become infected with tapeworm, whereby you lose lots of weight. The tapeworms take in your excess calories without you having to expel them through lots of exercise. Therefore, the whole point in this diet is that you can eat whatever you like but still lose weight without worrying about what you’re eating.

I don’t need to tell you how bad this diet is for your health and wellbeing. Tapeworm is a parasite which should be removed from your body at all costs – you should never introduce it into your body willingly!

The Blood Type Diet

This diet is based on the approach that you should eat foods that match your blood type. Apparently if you eat foods that aren’t appropriate to your blood type, your body will suffer the same sorts of effects as if you had a blood transfusion with the wrong type of blood. Eating fruit, vegetables and lean protein is recommended, which is fab, but the problem with this diet is that there is absolutely no scientific evidence to back up the founder’s claims. Therefore, you could be depriving yourself of lots of nutritional benefits by cutting out food that you don’t have to cut out.

The Cabbage-Soup Diet

This diet has been floating around the internet and gossip magazines for a very long time. It involves eating nothing but cabbage soup, basically, made with onions, garlic and cabbage. You can eat this soup three times a day, and you should continue the diet for seven days. In the long term, this diet is awful for your health. Depending on your initial size, you could lose up to twenty pounds in a week. I don’t need to tell you that that amount of weight loss in just one week is incredibly taxing on your body. The second you eat proper food, you’ll put back on all of that weight and possibly more.

Breatharian Diet

This is literally the strangest diet I’ve ever come across and it is absolutely terrible for your health. The basic premise is very simple – you don’t need to eat. You don’t even need to drink water. You can survive on just air and light. One woman preaches about living off air and light alone and she claims that she hasn’t eaten anything since 1993. She has something like 6,000 followers, and to date, three of them have starved to death.

Is this the worst diet ever? I think so.