Cheap and Easy Homemade Makeup

This week, we’re focusing on homemade beauty products. You can save a lot of money using things from your store-cupboard, rather than rushing out to the pharmacy if you’ve ran out of your favorite makeup piece. You can make your own makeup to some extent, but some things are better left to the professionals – things like foundation are not as easy to make at home, whereas things like lip-gloss and eye color are pretty easy to make. Try any of the ideas below to wake up your makeup bag.


To make your own lip stain, think of things that are dotted around your house that are naturally staining. Four of the most effective natural lip stain products are beetroots, Kool-Aid, jelly, and dark colored berries. They all work equally well, but the best thing to use for lip color that will stay on throughout the whole day, is beetroots. An easy way to wear them is to mash up some beets in a bowl with some olive oil, and then apply the liquid to your lips with a Q-tip. For a lighter stain, blot your lips after applying it to take away some of the color.

You could also use some of your favorite blush color mixed with olive oil or petroleum jelly, applied to the lips with a Q-tip or a lip gloss wand. A pink colored eye-shadow will also do the job when mixed with olive oil.

If you don’t want a lip color as such, and you want a lip balm, then one of the easiest things that you can use that’s brilliant for your lips, too, is vitamin E. You’ve probably got a bottle of vitamin E capsules lying around somewhere, and if you’re in need of a moisture boost, crack open one of the capsules and apply the liquid to your lips. This is wonderful for moisture, shine, and boosting healthy lips.


Because the eyes are such a sensitive area, we don’t recommend that you use products like powdered herbs or spices, unless you already know that these things don’t irritate you. What we recommend is buying some powdered food coloring. You can mix your favorite color with a little bit of non-scented talcum powder and alter the quantities until you have a color that you’re happy with. That will give you a dry, powdered eye-shadow, but if you want a cream shadow, add a little bit of petroleum jelly to the mixture until you have a silky texture. Make sure you stick to all-natural products. We don’t recommend that you use liquid food coloring, because it could stain your skin.


When you’ve ran out of face powder, try a tiny little bit of baby powder. It soaks up moisture and works well with other cosmetics. If you’re not fair-skinned, be careful not to use too much of this as it could make you look washed out and chalky. Remember to get rid of any excess powder from your face.

Cheek color can also be made at home with relative ease. It’s up to you which direction you go in:

Cheek stain can be made in much the same way as a lip stain. Simply mash some beets or berries with some petroleum jelly or olive oil and dab it onto your face until you have the desired result. Cheek powders can be made with some pink colored eye-shadow or pink or red powdered food coloring and non-scented baby powder. Simply mix until you have the desired color.

Whatever the products you choose to make, remember that they’re for you – not for anyone else, so have fun with them and see what you can come up with.