Chamomile Oil Uses

There are a lot of plants which are used for their herbal properties. They have specific chemical compositions which make them ideal for correcting disorders and medical problems. These natural remedies are widely used in the alternative medicine world, and a lot of people are indeed satisfied with the effects of these herbal solutions. One of the most popular herbal remedies in the world today is chamomile.

What is chamomile?

The chamomile plant, specifically the German chamomile, is a member of the plant family Asteraceae. Its scientific name is Matricaria recutita, and it is by far one of the most widely used herbs in the medical world. It has been proven very effective through different tests and applications, and today the functions of chamomile are undoubted. This herb can be used in the form of tea and oil.

General Uses of Chamomile

One of the popular forms of chamomile is tea. It is manufactured commercially under different producers. Although more popularly used as oil, chamomile tea is still very available in most grocery and drug stores in the neighborhood. The most common used of chamomile tea are for treating insomnia and other sleep disorders, anxiety and other hyperactive mental disorders, and providing natural sedation. It is also used to treat various gastrointestinal problems such as irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which can be very beneficial if you have an internal infection or a newly operated body part.

In non-medicinal use, chamomile is used as dye to create yellow color and for blonde hair rinse. It is also a natural herb grower because if you plant chamomile beside other herbs, these other herbs will become more fragrant and powerful and they will grow with prosperity.

Chamomile Oil Uses: For Medicinal Purposes

As oil, chamomile is widely used for various therapeutic purposes. It is also very popularly used for treating stress and providing relaxation and calmness. One of the best ways to benefit from the properties of chamomile oil is by taking an ionizer or a liquid humidifier, place several drops of chamomile oil in the liquid, and allow the machine to spread the scent of the oil all throughout the room or home. This will give you the relaxation that you need in order to unwind. This process is also a very good way of inducing sleep for insomniacs.

Another method to use chamomile oil is by taking a small bowl of water, adding a few drops of the oil, and lighting it in fire. The evaporated scent also serves as a therapeutic aroma and a natural calming fragrance.

Pure chamomile oil is also used to resolve flatulence, especially in children with colic. Many parents are known to use chamomile oil on their newborn babies to prevent colic and treat it if the problem is already present. However, a very small amount of the oil should be used because chamomile oil can have an irritating effect on the skin.

The oil can also be used as a natural skin moisturizer. It has been found to eliminate many skin flaws and blemishes, and it is also very effective in treating present wounds, blisters, burns, boils, eczema, dermatitis, and rashes. It is very good for restoring the skin’s natural elasticity and curing most open wounds and skin problems.

You can also use chamomile on your abdomen if you have menstrual cramps and abdominal pains in general. However, it is not recommended for women who are pregnant to use this directly on the skin because it can have allergic effects. The oil can be used as an aroma therapeutic substance which relives mental illnesses and hyperactivity by mild sedation.