Causes of High Blood Pressure in Men

High blood pressure is a very common health problem. In fact, one in three adults is likely to have this medical condition. Although it is very common, this does not mean that it is easy to treat. The truth is hypertension is a lifetime medical problem and it should be treated with maintenance and lifestyle control. With the many people with hypertension, it’s quite surprising that some people still acquire the medical problem. But in relation to gender, men are more susceptible to acquiring hypertension as compared to women. What are the causes of high blood pressure in men?

The causes of high blood pressure in men are the same as those with women, in reality. But the reason why men are more prone to this medical condition is quite uncertain. In fact, it is not yet clearly understood why men are more susceptible to this health problem. The most probable reasons for this are typically genetics, irresponsibility in taking care of the health, and vices like smoking and drinking.

Since men are not as health conscious as women, more men have vices, eat fatty foods, and have heavier weight. Women aspire to have sexy and healthy bodies since this is their image of beauty. But for men, there are a select few who want to have really healthy and beautifully built bodies. The rest just want to eat and live in whatever way they want to.

So what should men do in order to control this fact that high blood pressure affects more from their gender? The best answer for this is that men should be more health conscious. Vices and reckless eating should be controlled by men, and they should also strive more to have better and more beautiful bodies. A lot of men are obese, and obesity is one of the biggest factors to acquiring high blood pressure.

Apart from these facts, there should also be awareness among both men and women. High blood pressure is depicted when a person gets a blood pressure measurement of 140/100 and higher. When a person suffers from this condition, the person’s heart finds difficulty in pumping. This results to the increased pressure to pump the blood. This can be caused by the weakness of the heart muscles and the clogged blood passages in the body. Hypertension can be very dangerous especially it is already very serious and severe.

In order to control the occurrence of high blood pressure, individuals should be cautious with the food that they eat. Avoid eating foods very high in fat like deep fried foods, animal fats, and oily foods. Foods which are good for the heart should be eaten in high frequency like fish, vegetables, and fruits. Don’t eat too much fast foods and restaurant foods because most restaurants cook their food in very high oil and preservative content. You should also eat in a well-balanced diet, since balanced diets indicate the need for approximately 40% vegetable, 40% fruit, 10% calories, 5% meat, and 5% other foods.

People should also learn the importance of exercise. Walking is a good form of exercise and it can be done every day. If you are going out to a place nearby, you can just walk instead of driving. You even get to save more money because you don’t need to spend on gas, and you also help the environment because you won’t be using a gas-emitting vehicle.

If men were more health conscious and they strived to make their bodies more beautiful, there would probably be lesser men with hypertension problems. It’s best to prevent the problem before it can take over your life, so make sure that you don’t let hypertension ruin your health.