Gall Bladder Diet

You may have heard it said that humans can live without their gallbladder. After all, it is just a storage tank.  Bile, which is the reason why the gallbladder is there in the first place, can always find its way down the small intestine. So technically, the entero-hepatic (Latin for “gut-liver”) circulation cannot be derailed [...]

Gallstone Symptoms in Women and Men

There are many different body organs in the human body and each and every one of them is designated to perform a particular function. Some organs like the heart, lungs, and intestines are easy enough to understand because they are very common and almost everyone knows what they do and why they are important. But [...]

Solaray GallstoneX Review

There are a lot of medical problems that may arise from various calculi formations in the body. Calculi are what you call the stones which develop inside the different internal organs of the body. Calculi formed in the kidneys are called kidney stones, for instance. These calculi can be very harmful to the health, and [...]