Diabetes and Joint Pain

If too much salt can cause your kidneys to go on strike, how does too much sugar affect your nuts and bolts? The body’s inability to efficiently convert carbohydrates to glucose in order to fuel basal metabolism can have dire effects on the entire body, including joints; although, at first glance, there may be no [...]

Diabetes Treatment Options

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease that results in the individual affected having a sensitivity to sugar. There are two types of diabetes, one of which is preventable, one of which is not. For both types of diabetes, symptoms can be limited by making a few lifestyle changes including eating a varied and healthy diet [...]

Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

There are two types of diabetes –  type I and type II. Type I diabetes, sometimes called juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes is typically diagnosed in children, teenagers and young adults. Type I diabetes is characterized by the beta cells of the pancreas no longer making insulin, usually because the body’s immune system has destroyed [...]

Living with Diabetes

Although diabetes is known as a chronic, lifelong disease, you don’t have to let it control your life. It can be very serious if it is left untreated, but once you’ve been diagnosed your doctor and medical team will give you all of the tools you need in order to control your diabetes. First Days [...]

Diabetes Prevention Tips

Around 50 million Americans between the ages of 40 and 74 have what is known as pre-diabetes – which is a condition that is a potentially reversible stage in the development of type II diabetes. Pre-diabetes is also known as impaired glucose tolerance, in that the individual’s blood sugar is slightly higher than that of [...]

Diabetic Diet Guidelines

In general, there is no single diet for diabetic patients. What is essential is that a patient with diabetes should meet up with a dietitian so that together they can come up with an individualized menu using the general guidelines and in consideration of his or her health requirements. Therefore, a Type 2 diabetic patient [...]

Blood Sugar Monitors

One of the most important health conditions that an individual needs to take note of is his blood sugar. When a person has problems with his blood sugar – either hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia – he needs to always be updated with the current state of his blood sugar. You don’t have to wait for the [...]

Dinners for Diabetics

Having a serious disease takes away all the fun in life. A person with a serious illness has so many restrictions in his lifestyle. There are restrictions on food, restrictions on activities, restrictions on movement, restrictions on so many stuff, it’s just not normal for a person to live like that. Having a disease is [...]

Diabetic Cookbook

I discovered some time past a diabetic eating plan is an extremely healthy strategy for eating, and in reality among the best methods to avoid possibly getting diabetes would be to stick to the guidelines which affect a diabetic diet regularly. Regardless of whether you’ve got diabetes or thinking about modifying your own eating style [...]

FREE One Touch Meter

Purchasing diabetes products on the web can help to save money and time. In the following paragraphs you will discover one of the most utilized items and equipment to realize superior diabetes management and help with day-to-day self-care. Of course, keeping track of your own blood sugar level using glucose testing strips seriously is not [...]

The Diabetes Reversal Report Review and Download

Could be overwhelming contemplating just how you and your loved ones could deal with the terrible diagnosis associated with getting diabetes, make sure you understand that getting it doesn’t imply that life’s upon its downhill slide. If your physicians let you know that you’ve got Type 2 diabetes so you are worried about the family [...]

Eleotin Platinum Tea Plus Review

Your weight loss program needs to suit your lifestyle and be easy to implement.  Diabetics should consult their doctors and dietitians for the appropriate kinds and amounts of food, protein, fats and carbohydrates for eating to control glucose in the blood.  If you want to lose weight and keep it off, there are a few [...]

Natural Health Products for Diabetics

Diabetes is a chronic disease that’s caused by certain metabolic disorders. Type one diabetes is caused when you have a deficiency that means your body is unable to produce insulin. This type of diabetes is common in young children and adolescents and isn’t seen very often in adults. Type two diabetes is caused when an [...]

Diabetes Meal Planner

Diabetic patients can control their diabetes well by eating a diet that is specifically tailored to them. Your doctor will probably give you a meal plan or some indication of what you should be eating, but many newly diagnosed diabetics might despair at the idea of having to alter their eating plans entirely. Diabetic meals [...]