Bursitis Pain Relief

Locomotion is like the soul of living. Without being able to move, what good is a man? We are all made to be capable of movement, and in a graceful way. The body is designed to allow easy movement and is given useful parts that move in a way that enables a person to do important actions. Walking, breathing, chewing, these are all movements that are essential in living. Without being able to do these activities, a person is almost not alive. The reason for leaving is defeated by the fact that a person is unable to move in a normal and proper way.

Moving the various extremities and joints is as important as breathing itself. A man can only work properly when he can move his hands and legs properly. This makes him efficient in doing work that requires much movement, like cleaning and traveling. The body is designed to effectively do chores and tasks with as much mobility as possible. When a person experiences bursitis, he finds difficulty in fulfilling his job.

What is bursitis? It is a medical condition that occurs when one or more bursae (small sacs) of synovial fluid in the body become inflamed. The bursa is a sac filled with fluid and works to prevent friction between the tissues. It is commonly found adjacent to the tendons near the joints like the shoulders, elbows, and knees.

Bursitis usually happens when a person experiences an injury, an infection, or a rheumatic condition. There are various ways of getting bursitis. Experiencing a severe car or motor accident that scraped the knee cap, carrying too heavy loads of weight, or having gout crystals may all contribute to getting bursitis. The bursa becomes inflamed and the normal fluid movement on the affected joint is no longer possible. Not only can a person no longer move properly, but the affected joint is very painful as well. It is almost impossible for a person with bursitis to move the affected joint. The part of the body swells and becomes immobile, resulting to work disability.

Symptoms of bursitis include swelling of the joint, pain, stiffness, and a burning sensation. As the condition worsens, the pain becomes worse and results into full-blown bursitis.

It is not difficult to treat bursitis. For cases which have no infection, the affected area is applied with cold compress, and the person is required to rest and take anti-inflammatory and pain medications. The bursa fluid is also aspirated using a sterile syringe and needle. It is also treated with a cortisone injection that rapidly minimizes the swelling of the bursa.

Septic or infected bursitis is a different story. It requires much more observation. The aspirated bursa fluid is sent to the laboratory for further evaluation and antibiotics are required to be taken. Surgical drainage or removal of the bursa (called bursectomy) may also be needed. After the treatment process has been done, the joint usually recovers and the mobility of the affected area goes back to normal.

There are also ways of preventing bursitis. Sleeping in a softer bed may be helpful both for preventing and treating the condition. Exercising and proper stretching may also prove helpful for preventing already upcoming bursitis. It is also very important to immediately consult the advice of health professionals once the symptoms of bursitis appear.

Illnesses like bursitis can be prevented when proper body care is observed. It is important to keep the body healthy and avoid it from any danger and harmful situations. It is also important to act at once when any problem regarding the body arises. With proper attention and treatment, bursitis as well as other illnesses may be cured and taken care of immediately.