Breathing Exercises to Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a very dangerous health problem that causes mortality to millions of people every year. There is no definite cure for this disease because once you have it, you can no longer eliminate it. The only way for you to deal with this health problem is by managing it properly. You can do that by following a proper diet plan, exercising regularly, and practicing different techniques to lower blood pressure.

One of the effective techniques and methods in lowering blood pressure is to use breathing exercises. These are simple exercises of inhale and exhale which can be done anytime and anywhere. It has been proven that by breathing properly, the blood can circulate better in the body and the oxygen needed by the blood is sufficiently supplied.

This practice has been performed since the ancient times when Chinese and Indian natives discovered the connection between breathing, body, and mind. Likewise, in the present time, doctors are seeing the benefits of deep and meditative breathing in regulating blood pressure and reducing the risk of hypertension attacks.

To perform this activity, you have to first find a good environment for deep breathing. You don’t have to go out to the forest or park to get fresh air. The balcony is good enough, or even the patio, as long as you can completely concentrate and you’re in a well-ventilated, preferably open, area.

Remain in a standing position to allow complete body circulation. When you’ve found the best place to do this exercise, start by simply taking a very deep inhale. Breathe only through the nose, as this is the best way of allowing only oxygen to enter the body and the lungs can easier expel carbon dioxide through it. Breathing through the mouth makes it difficult to filter carbon dioxide from oxygen.

When you have completely inhaled as much air as you can, hold your breath for a few seconds. Try to use a uniform length for holding your breath. You can do this by slowly counting to five, but always take note that hold your breath only as long as you can and do not force yourself, since this is a relaxation technique and you should be able to do only what you can without pressure. On the sixth count, slowly exhale all the air in your lungs.

After exhaling, contract your diaphragm muscles lightly and then relax. Take note that you only have to contract your diaphragm lightly and you don’t have to put much pressure on it. Also, you only have to do this very quickly. After having done so, relax, loosen all your muscles, and repare for another round of deep breathing.

Do this breathing exercise for a few minutes several times a day. Morning, afternoon, and evening are good times of the day when you can perform this activity. It only needs to last for 5-15 minutes, depending on how much time you can spare, and how you do this activity. Every person has a different way of doing it, and you can add some personal touches to your breathing exercise like exhaling with a vocal tune or a phrase.

Along with breathing exercises, you should also observe proper lifestyle and habits that are fit for people with hypertension. Keep fruits and vegetables at the top of your food pyramid, and avoid any foods that can aggravate the health problem. Take supplements and eat a well-balanced diet consisting of all the essential nutrients that your body really needs.

Practicing breathing exercises to lower blood pressure together with living a healthy lifestyle can completely regulate your blood pressure and you don’t have to worry about suffering from hypertension attacks again.