Bladder Infection Home Treatment

The bladder is the organ that’s responsible for holding urine and collecting it until it can no longer hold it. When the bladder is stretched to its maximum, it sends signals to the brain telling it that the body needs to expel the urine. That is when a person gets the urge to go to the bathroom and let the urine out. The bladder is just a part of the excretory system, though, and it is a prominent member of the urinary tract. The other organs in this tract include the kidneys, ureters, and urethra. Basically, the bladder comes between the ureter and the urethra.

When the bladder gets infected, the entire urinary tract is affected by it. No matter what part of the urinary tract gets an infection, the condition is always called a urinary tract infection or a UTI. When a person has UTI, it is mostly because of bacteria in the urine that is not expelled properly, usually caused by holding urine in, or eating salty foods and foods with preservatives. Nevertheless, wherever the bacteria came from, when it has already infected the urinary tract, it needs to be treated promptly.

The major signs of UTI include pain when urinating, burning sensation when urinating, pain in the lower back, lower abdomen, and groin, fever, chills, and even blood in the urine. A laboratory examination would show that the level of white blood cells in the urine is too high, which clearly indicates the presence of an infection.

There are many medications for UTI, but these drugs are not advisable especially if you are pregnant or you have other medical problems. Alternative treatment measures can be done, and bladder infection home treatment can be performed if you have enough knowledge regarding the problem. It’s not really advisable to replace medications with natural remedies as you can always use them together, but if the home treatments are showing positive effects, then they might work by themselves.

One of the most common and medically proven solutions for treating UTI is cranberry juice. Cranberries have high antibacterial properties that are similar to antibiotics, and the juice of the fruit can effectively eliminate the bacteria causing the infection. Drink at least two to four glasses of cranberry juice daily. It doesn’t need to be fresh, but you have to buy the counterpart of real fresh juice.

Water is also an important home remedy for urinary tract infections, simply because water can wash away the bacteria and impurities through urine. Drink at least 12-15 glasses of water daily and you will surely urinate your way out of UTI.

Coconut milk is a natural diuretic that makes you urinate frequently. Fresh coconut milk also has other health-beneficial effects and it hydrates the body, cleansing the kidneys and washing away the infection-causing bacteria.

Baking soda has good antibacterial properties and is alkaline as well. Adding a teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water and drinking it twice daily will do well for the removal of bacteria in the urinary tract. Pineapples, on the other hand, have bromelain, a substance that was found to have inhibiting effects in the development of bacteria that causes urinary tract infections. Eating a cup of pineapples daily, drinking pineapple juice, or even making a smoothie out of the fruit can be as refreshing as it is beneficial in treating UTI.

Vitamin C is an excellent acidic substance that kills bacteria using its acidity. Increase your dosage of vitamin C if you are taking some, or you can drink lemonade or orange juice instead. Citrus fruits are excellent sources of vitamin C that are not only natural, but delicious as well.

If you have UTI or you feel like you have one, you don’t have to worry because there are many ways to treat your health problem. Just follow the tips mentioned previously and you’ll definitely find your UTI gone in no time.