Big Toe Joint Pain

Inflammation and too much pain in the big toe are usually attributed to overuse of the joint of the foot that causes the pain and also the swelling of the toe. Big toe joint pain is greatly attributed to too much activity of the feet and as such, players of sports like rugby and football are often susceptible to this problem if they are not giving their feet proper rest. This is because a large amount of effort and pressure are being exerted into the foot to be able to bring force to the ball.

Some serious conditions may occur especially when a person is actually experiencing severe pain after long walks or persistent running. This may be attributed to other reasons that may cause the big toe joint pain. This may include arthritis which is primarily evident on the ball of the foot. This then involves having restrictions upon the normal actions and movement of the big toe and that pain may be experienced with slight movements such as walking or running. Most of the time, this primarily affects old people and these are effects of joints that are too much used or are aged. As joints are primarily used on daily activities of the body, too much use of it can actually cause longer term effects especially when one grows of age. This causes the inflammation, since certain parts of the bones become weak and are unable to perform their daily functions accordingly. When this affects the big toe, swelling and stiffness take place which can actually restrict movement of the toe and can also cause the formation of the lump in which is then attributed to the development of hallux rigidus.

Big toe joint pain can also be caused by the unusual enlargement of the structure of bones near the big toe that then makes it inclined. This is caused by the inflammation of the structure that prevents friction between the bones and the tendons. This is commonly called bunions. A swelling in the large toe will also be apparent and it is characterized by redness and difficulty in movement.

Aside from these, limited toe movement, pain and bumps in the toe area can also be caused by injury or damages in the big toe. These injuries may affect bone structure and may inhibit regular movement that will in effect cause pain.

Gout is also a very common joint pain problem, and it is especially common in the big toe joint. Gout is brought about by the formation of uric acid crystals in the joint. If uric acid is not effectively eliminated from the body, it can solidify, form into crystals, and deposit on the joints. This can be a very big problem and it requires immediate medical attention.

Given these, one should also be knowledgeable about the things that he or she can do in order to be able remedy this kind of pain. This may include cold compress in the area or even alternate cold compress and heat therapy. This will certainly aid in relieving the pain. Medications can also be taken to reduce the inflammation and also reduce pain. Certain remedies can also be done and these include taking necessary precautions like buying proper footwear, being able to control and manage the effort that we exert on the feet, and other simple but very effective efforts in reducing foot strain.

Therefore, one should be mindful of performing any activity that may cause pain in the feet and any discomfort in it. If this is not given attention properly, certain harmful effects will surely bring more serious conditions to the body. It depends on one’s conscious efforts to get proper rest in order to prevent the big toe joint pain. However, in times of serious pain and discomfort, medical attention should be sought.