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The skin is known to naturally develop many undesirable flaws and discoloration problems. The most common of these are hyperpigmentation conditions wherein the production of melanin is too high, causing very dark areas of the skin to appear. Melasma is a medical problem characterized by the appearance of a big patch of dark skin, while dark spots are like small melasma patched that look like blotches of ink. Freckles are also hyperpigmentation problems but only those who have a family history of freckles can have them. Acne scars are also somewhat forms of discoloration, but they are more noticeable because of the recessions and craters that they produce on the skin.  Read more about fade cream for acne scars.

There are many solutions to remove these unsightly discolored and uneven areas on our skin, but with the many cosmetic products out in the market, it might be difficult to find which one is the best.  You can start with our Meladerm review.  Also, because the power of natural and alternative medicine have been realized and admired by millions of people around the world, many are now looking for natural fading products, and not just any kind of fading product. Most people are now looking for the best natural fade cream which they can use on their skin to remove discoloration, hyperpigmentation problems, and scarring.

It is difficult to distinguish which is the best, since the word “best” is very subjective and it actually depends on the circumstances in order to declare the best one. For instance, a person with melasma might consider one product the best because it has worked well for her, while another person calls another product the best because it made his acne scars and dark spots disappear. But what we’re looking for is natural, and perhaps a natural product is easier to rate and declare as best. However, by what measures do we know that the product is best?

Firstly, talking about natural products rules out many other products in the market. When you’re looking for a natural fade cream, you have to look at the ingredients first. One of the most common ingredients in a fade cream is kojic acid, which is basically natural as it comes from a fungus named koji from Japan. Other substances like licorice extract, mulberry extract, and the like are extracted from the plant which their names are taken after. There are also other ingredients in fade creams such as vitamin C, or more commonly in the form of L-ascorbic acid, vitamin E, and vitamin A in the form of retinol. These are natural vitamins which are used by the body to reduce aging signs and promote the new cell growth of the skin.

Glutathione is one popular natural ingredient in many skin care products, including creams. It is a naturally-occurring substance in the body which acts as an antioxidant and fights off the free radicals in the body, eliminating impurities and rejuvenating the skin along the way. Collagen is another naturally occurring substance which is found in the skin cells and is responsible for the smoothness and suppleness of the skin. Collagen in the form of creams aims to replenish the lost natural collagen in the skin so that the body organ will be able to regenerate new cells even if it produces low quantities of collagen.

There are several fade creams in the market, but to judge which one is the best natural fade cream would be a decision that every person has to do for himself, since most products work in various ways. One might work for someone and the other might work for someone else. Nonetheless, there is always an option and if you are not satisfied with the cream that you are using, you can find another one and try it instead.