Best Energy Drinks That Work

When you’re out and about and you just can’t have some rest, you need to be prepared to face all of your responsibilities without going down. One of the most important things that you should have when you’re on the go and can’t break down is an energy drink. Energy drinks give you that extra kick that you need to be able to continue doing what you need to be doing. For those who don’t like coffee or just feel like it’s too hot to keep you in the mood to pull an all-nighter, a chilled can of an energy drink will surely satisfy your weakening taste buds and bring back your spirit. But if it’s your first time, you just can’t go and grab the first drink that you find in the grocery store. Knowing the best energy drinks in the market will definitely help you find out which one will satisfy your taste buds the best but still give you the boost that you need for a whole day’s work.

Monster Energy Drink

This is one of the most popular energy drinks in the market today. This caffeinated drink comes in a wide variety of flavors that can surely satisfy your taste buds. You can get soda variants and non-carbonated ones as well. The caffeine content of this drink is 10 mg/oz. which is quite average for an energy drink. If you’re a new drinker and you try a can Monster, you’ll find that the boost that you need is definitely well-felt. However, after a long time of drinking energy drinks, the effect just gets lesser and you end up wanting for a stronger one. Nevertheless, for the great flavors and the adequate level of caffeine that this drink offers, Monster is definitely a good choice. For the price of around $2 per can, it’s also worth the money.

Rockstar Energy Drink

There’s something with this drink that makes it a little less masculine than Monster, but it surely has that same kick. The flavors are not as many as the first energy drink but they are quite tasty nonetheless. The unique thing about this energy drink is that it’s very sugary, making it taste like cotton candy with added carbon. Sugar can add to the energizing effect of the drink to the drinker, but for those who have many concerns with their weight, calorie intake, and diabetes problems, this isn’t a good choice. It’s priced the same as the Monster energy drink.

GURU Energy Drink

This one is a good choice for all health buffs out there who want to be able to work without having to worry about preservatives and sugar in their energy drinks. GURU is an organic variant of an energy drink and it’s made of all natural ingredients. However, as compared to other organic energy drinks, this is more highly recommended because it has no bitter taste and no unpleasant aftertaste that is common in many other organic drinks.

Brawls Guarana Energy Drink

This is not exactly an organic drink but it gets most of its energy boosting properties from Guarana, an herbal energy supplement widely used in the medicinal world. Guarana is an alternative source of caffeine as opposed to coffee, and its flavor is also very unique. Apart from the guarana extract of this drink, it also has some caffeine in it, giving you a double boost in every bottle. Bawls comes in several flavors and the bumpy bottle design adds aesthetic value to it. The best thing about this drink is that it doesn’t only have that powerful kick for an all-night overtime work. It also has that great taste that you can’t find in any other energy drink in the market.