Best Blood Pressure Monitor

One should keep in mind to always watch his blood pressure. It is proven that unmonitored high blood pressure is a serious health problem especially because it can cause the death of an individual even without showing any symptoms or signs of its high level in the body. This provides the necessity to take the initiative to check and monitor the level of blood pressure on your body on regular intervals. This way, you can prevent further casualty and serious health problems to happen. It is also undeniable that the need to consult a doctor may even take more time, cost, and effort on an individual, which is why it is recommended to monitor one’s blood pressure at home.

As technology becomes more handy and accessible, most monitors are easy to use since they are operated digitally and one can instantly tell the level of his blood pressure by simply pushing some buttons. There is also the capability of showing historical data that allows the monitoring and comparison of previous blood pressure readings to the current results. It is also now very easy to upload the results of your readings to your devices like computers and laptops in order to facilitate the presentation of graphical data where analysis of data is much easier. Capabilities like these make blood pressure monitors very attractive. However, we should also take into consideration the requirements in making a purchase such as thinking before you buy or choose the blood pressure monitor. Other important factors include the budget and the technology that matches the individual’s preferences or needs.

There is a kind of monitor wherein an individual is to enclose his upper arm with inflated cuff that causes temporarily stopping of the blood flow while putting pressure on the main artery in the arm. Blood flow will then resume once arm is already released from the cuff. Sounds are being listened to through stethoscope and that changes in sound upon resumption of blood flow once deflation occurs will then be heard. Results will also be displayed through a connected gauge. This is called a sphygmomanometer.

Another type is called the mercury gravity sphygmomanometer which works through gravity and absolutely provides consistent and accurate readings. However, due to the hazards that mercury can bring, it is not recommended for home use. This constraint gives the preference to the aneroid or electronic monitoring. The difference is that the former uses no liquid but just a metal spring that has the capability to do the measurement of the blood pressure. This also includes compass-like faces that are round.

Those that are being used in the hospitals for professional purposes usually are designed to be operated with an assistant and one can try considering blood pressure monitors designed for home which are more compact but also accurate. Those that are willing to pay a higher price can also strengthen the capability of the blood pressure monitors through increase in memory to store historical data, generation of reports on average blood pressure, findings and advice on irregular heartbeat, improved and magnified display and even voice-announced readings. Some can even be personalized according to one’s own preference like the inflation which can be programmed to reduce the pain or discomfort it can bring.

Arm cuff style monitors are said to be the best and are also the most widely used because they provides an accurate and reliable result that can be used to examine both current and previous data. It provides the ease of use and you only need the basic steps in navigating through it and using it. Certainly, it is a must for us to regularly monitor our blood pressure especially now that we can do it at our own convenience and in our own home. This will ensure the prevention of serious health conditions which will cost us even more.