Arthritis Relief Cream

Arthritis is any case of joint inflammation, and there are many types of this joint problem. Some of them include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and many others. Having such a problem may be very uncomfortable, painful, and very life-changing. But why does it happen and what are the characteristics of arthritis?

Various types of arthritis are usually characterized by a single symptom, and that is pain in the joints. In most cases, the joint affected becomes very painful, immobile, swollen, and the skin reddens. The most common form of the disorder is osteoarthritis which is linked to old age, injuries, and bone problems.

Some people who experience such disorder become unable to work efficiently. In fact, it sometimes happens that the person can no longer live a normal life. He is bound to his medical affliction and any activity that he participates in causes him pain. Many arthritis sufferers also experience depression because of the thought that they are becoming a burden to the people who care for them, and because they can no longer do the things that they previously enjoyed doing.

Because of these, people who experience arthritis only desire to relieve themselves of the pain and immobility that they feel. Some people find treatments through medications, pain killers, drugs, and other medicinal answers, while others seek after more natural and organic treatments, home remedies, and lifestyle changes. These are not the only options for treating the problem, though. People can also find relief from the said medical disorder through other forms of products like creams and topical ointments.

An arthritis relief cream may or may not be effective, but it is mostly dependent on the individual and not the cream itself. Some of these creams are made of substances that are also found in drugs that are taken orally, while others have constituents that are for external use only but can provide ease from the pain of the joint problems.

Arthritis creams have different ingredients, different approaches, and different brands. One of the most popular solutions to arthritis as well as other bodily pains is the use of mentholated or eucalyptus creams. These creams which have high amounts of menthol and eucalyptus have excellent pain-relieving properties that help ease arthritis. Menthol is a natural soothing oil that is derived from peppermint. It has cooling properties so when you apply it, it makes the skin feel cold. It increases blood circulation in the area which makes the affected area less painful. Eucalyptus is also a natural substance derived from the eucalyptus plant. It is a natural anti-inflammatory agent which helps reduce the swelling, reddening, and pain in the affected area.

Other creams also have camphor in them. Camphor is derived from the wood of the camphor evergreen laurel tree. It works as a topical analgesic and a natural pain reliever. Hyaluronic acid is one other ingredient that can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is naturally found in the deeper layers of the skin, and it is also used in many cosmetic products.

Capsaicin is a popular active ingredient in many arthritis pain relief creams. It works by removing the substance P in nerve cells. This substance P is the transmitter of pain to the brain. It is a very effective product but it has high toxicity, so avoid ingesting it, applying it to your eyes, and always wash your hands after using it.

Salicylate is both an oral and topical pain solution, and it is found in aspirin. However, as a topical cream, salicylate can still penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream, acting similar to the oral product. If you are allergic to aspirin, do not use salicylate even as a topical solution.

Even if most of these creams are quite effective, you can’t rely on them alone to solve your arthritis problems for you. You also have to take care of yourself, go on an arthritis-friendly diet, exercise, life a healthy life, and always have a positive outlook, and perhaps one day a real permanent solution for arthritis may be found.