Arthritis of the Spine

The spine is considered as one of the most vital parts of the body. It is the part that is responsible for the connection of our body to our brain wherein neurons are carried to and from our brain so that our body can respond accordingly. It is considered as the one that transmits the message of the brain towards the body and if it is affected by any disease or disorder, it can actually affect the way we move and respond to things.

Arthritis is the inflammation of joints and if it affects the spine, it can cause too much pain and irregularity in movement. It is usually characterized by stiffness and swelling of joints which are effects of the inflammation. It can be said that if this will not be responded to in a timely manner, this can even cause to physical disabilities.

Having a focus on the spine, certain symptoms may include pain and swelling in any part of the back as well as aching in the spine. Stiffness of the spine may also be because of too much rest or excessive exercise. This causes the joints to respond differently and in effect causes this disease. The pain and stiffness may even extend up to the neck which is also a part of the spine and this can cause irregularity in the movement of the head. In addition to this, since the spine serves as a central point in the body that may affect the way other areas operate accordingly, tenderness and an aching feeling can also be felt on certain areas like the bottom part of the back, thighs, pelvic area, hips, knees, or even heels. There can also be difficulty in movement and inability to respond accordingly. These parts may become numb and weak and disabled from functioning properly.

It is advisable that one be cautious of his daily activities as well as the foods that he intake as these have direct effects on having arthritis. Too much exercise or excessive movement can also worsen the said disease.

It is also a good practice to regularly visit the doctor. This will help you evaluate and track if the problem is lessened or what certain actions should be done in order to prevent further worsening of the condition. This will evaluate the actions that have already been performed to remedy it as well as other options available that you can also try. Other medical practices can include blood tests, x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging which uses three-dimensional view, bone scan and also injection of certain fluid into the body. Commonly exercise or surgery will be advised by the doctor depending on the severity of the arthritis.

It is important to detect if something is unusual in your spine. The earlier it will be detected, the earlier prevention will be given in which will help prevent it from worsening. As there is no direct cure to eliminate arthritis, only medication, surgeries and regular consultation will help a person get cured from the disease. Enough rest and physical therapy is also needed to give the spine enough relaxation to function properly. It is with these that severe pain, aching, or even discomfort in movement may be prevented. It should also be taken into consideration that even those people who are young in age are also susceptible to this disease and that they should also take necessary precautions. It is a common misnomer that this is only for elder persons, though they are more susceptible. Regardless of the higher risks, everyone should be careful about their health to be able to prevent the acquisition of such diseases.