ADHD Homeopathic Remedies

Neurological disorders are difficult to correct, primarily because these disorders need consistent treatment. Because they are neurological, finding a way to completely eliminate the problem is almost impossible. There cannot be a solution to alter the brain functions of a person permanently. However, there are some medications given to people with neurological problems in order to cope with their condition and prevent them from having attacks due to the disorder.

One of the most common neurological disorders is ADHD or Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD is estimated to occur in 3-5% of children all over the world, and 4.7% of Americans alone have ADHD in their adulthood. Living with ADHD is difficult especially because the person is considered “special” or “unique”. But most of these individuals cannot live normally in a world of people who judge them because of their condition and mock them instead of assisting or helping them.

Most of the symptoms of ADHD include the inability to focus on a single activity, inability to listen and remember instructions of other information relayed to the individual, frequent misplacement or loss of objects, inability to stay still in one place, inability to constrain the self from speaking or blurting out senseless or unethical statements, and slow learning development compared to individuals his age.

Because ADHD is a very common disorder, many children are not diagnosed with the condition. Usually, symptoms show before 7 years of age, and may continue until adulthood. Individuals with ADHD need behavioral therapy under the supervision of medical professionals. Also, stimulants are medicated to ADHD patients in order to maintain their focus and attention.

Recent discoveries in the field of medicine have shown that there are alternative treatments to ADHD. These alternative treatments are homeopathic remedies which are made of different substances derived from various natural elements like plants, animals, minerals, and the like. These homeopathic remedies have been studied closely and extensively, and they show very good positive effects on the individuals to whom they are introduced.

The most effective ingredients in homeopathic ADHD remedies are found to be Stramonium, Cina, and Hyoscyamus niger. Stramonium is most effective for children who have problems with fear and traumatic experiences. Cina works best with children who are physically aggressive. Hyoscyamus niger show positive effects on children with sexual or manic behavior.

The good thing about homeopathic remedies is that they find the root cause of the problem and work there to initiate a total and complete treatment to the person. They also have no harmful side-effects as compared to drug medications like Ritalin. The natural and non-toxic ingredients of these remedies are proven safe for any ADHD condition. Not only are the physical symptoms treated, but the emotional ones as well. Also, homeopathic remedies do not just last for hours, but for weeks, and even months.

However, like most behavioral treatments, homeopathic remedies for ADHD do not have permanent effects. Regular treatment is needed in order to improve the condition of the individual. There are possibilities of permanent behavioral improvements, though, if constant and regular treatment is applied. Using homeopathic remedies also require accurate diagnosis, because specific homeopathic substances are used for every behavioral problem exhibited by the individual.

Living with a neurological problem is tough especially if you’re not the inflicted one, but your child or someone very close to you. Seeing them unable to cope with the normal world and being mocked and teased by other people their age is a painful experience, and the only thing that you want for them is a permanent treatment. Just remember that more than anyone in the world, it is you who know them best, and they turn to you for love and support. They may be special individuals, but the love and care that you give them is enough a treatment for them to feel normal just like everyone else.