Acid Reflux and Pregnancy

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Being a mother is magical. Nothing can ever compare to the happiness and wonder that having a baby could bring to any woman’s life. But there’s more to having a baby than just pushing that little person out of your womb. The stages of pregnancy take nine months to be completed, and after you’ve given birth to your child, it’s a lifetime of being a parent.

Pregnancy is a phase of womanhood that most women are fortunate to experience. However, the joy of being a mom isn’t as immediate as it is when you talk to other parents about how they felt when they found out that they were pregnant. There are a lot of physical, mental, and emotional problems that a woman undergoes once that little human in her womb starts to develop. And one of the most common problems that a pregnant woman experiences in her nine-month condition is acid reflux.

Almost all women who have been pregnant say that they were affected by this undesirable problem. In pregnancy, it is more termed as morning sickness, although it does not really occur in the morning alone. The reflux of a pregnant woman may be as often as every meal, but it is the worst in the morning right after sleeping for several hours without eating anything. The acids in the stomach tend to build up, and the pregnant woman regurgitates once anything touches her stomach early during the day. In the later meals, there are some pregnant women who no longer experience any reflux problems, while some unfortunates ones need to vomit everything they eat no matter what time or meal it is.

The reason behind the acid reflux problem of soon-to-be moms is the elevated levels of estrogen and progesterone in their systems. These hormones are necessary for the uterus to smoothen out and expand accordingly to accommodate the growing child in it. However, the smoothening out does not remain confined to the uterus. The stomach and esophagus are affected as well. The stomach lining and gastrointestinal tract tend to be more lax, resulting to indigestion as well as constipation. The esophagus is also less functional, allowing the rise of stomach acid, which in turn are regurgitated through the mouth.

This can be very unhealthy for a mother because the baby in her womb is not receiving the proper nutrition that it needs. Also, the stress of forcing out the stomach acids can even lead to miscarriage. Some pregnant women need to be hospitalized in order to receive the appropriate nutrition and treatment they need to keep their health in good condition, as well as their baby’s.

Because a pregnant women regurgitates everything she intakes, her body does not get enough nutrition, resulting to weight loss. It is not right for a soon-to-be mom to lose weight because the expected event for a woman is to gain weight during pregnancy since she will now be eating for two human beings. In such case, medical aid should be sought so that the health of the mother and the child in her womb will not be endangered.

It is quite inevitable to experience acid reflux during pregnancy, but there are some ways to keep the health in good condition even in the event that you are experiencing this hormone-caused disorder. Eating apples is a very good way of getting rid of heartburn, and it is also a healthy snack for both you and baby. It would also be better to have the apple juiced or mashed so that your stomach will not need to exert much effort in digesting it. Avoid any acidic foods, and drink plenty of water. Medication is not advisable unless prescribed by your gynecologist. And lastly, take your pre-natal vitamins and supplements, so that even if you don’t get enough food, your baby will still receive the appropriate amount of nutrition that his developing body needs.